Watch the Note-Taker Video

See How the Note-Taker Began

View Lectures & Presentations

The Note-Taker combines optical zoom and high-definition video so that you can quickly and effectively zoom in to resolve the finest details of a chalkboard, whiteboard or Powerpoint, or zoom out to see what’s happening. Finally, you’ll be able to engage in and keep up with any presentation.

Take Your Own Notes

Take your own notes while simultaneously viewing a distant presentation. Independently magnify your notes and the presentation as much as you need. Record audio and take screenshots for later review. With the Note-Taker, you’ll no longer need to rely on others to take notes for you.

Review Effortlessly

Don’t remember how your professor or boss explained something? With the Note-Taker, you can see and hear what happened at the exact time you took any particular note. With review this easy, you’ll be able to focus on understanding the material.

Portable and Discreet

The Note-Taker weighs less than a can of soda and has the dignified aesthetics of a professional’s tool rather than an assistive technology that makes you stand out.

Use Anywhere

Balance the Note-Taker on a table as a tripod or, if the desk is too small, clamp it to the side. No matter the venue, you’ll be able to use the Note-Taker.

Cross-Platform and USB-Powered

The Note-Taker works on Mac OSX (10.6, 10.7) or Windows 7 and it uses a single USB port for data and power so you don’t have to manage yet another battery.

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